"A good friend knows all your stories.

A best friend helped you write them."

It feels like a surreal dream to be surrounded by love and people in love. Capturing that in still form and seeing the happiness it brings people fulfills my heart so much. I'm constantly reaching to capture the essence of your relationship- the parts that  emulate  the authentic, defying beauty that lies between the creases of our everyday parallel lives. Ok, that might seem a bit cheesy, I know... but I think you've felt what I'm saying. You know, those epic moments where you look your best friend in the eyes and think, "What? How is this real? How did I get so lucky?". THAT, ladies and gents, is exactly what I want to seize in real time and give to you in an image.


Life may not be so forgiving with time, but I'm here to slow it down, capturing those magnetic moments in between so that they can't be forgotten. What do you want to remember?  Is it you and your Boo cozied up in a Yakima blanket on the beach with a cotton candy sunset?  Or you two holding hands, hiking with golden light slipping passed an engrossed forest of sequoias ...maybe with a surprise proposal at the end? Ok, that may be a bit specific, but that's what I want to hear! I want to create your dream like scenario.  Not sure what you want?  I’m here to help you with that too.


Whatever your vision, let's capture it now, so that you can enjoy it forever. Are you in?

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