Every. Moment. Matters.

I can tell you right now as a parent, sometimes I get caught up in the whys. You know.."Why do I know all the words to every song and rhyme from Daniel Tiger? I just cleaned the whole freakin' house-someone tell me why it looks like the Tasmanian Devil drank a cup of Stumptown coffee and had a field day up in my living room?! WHY is my child trying to stick a crayon up her nose? Wait, what...is that playdough smeared across the rug? Great.". But every time that child gives me a big ol' cheesin' smile, or asks for "ugga muggas", or asks if we can "pawrty", (that's her way of asking me to play music), I literally melt and realize how much I love every crazy, beautiful, messy moment of being a parent.

I want to be there with your family, witnessing the magic and the madness, capturing every little piece of it. I understand just like so many how fleeting these moments are-I'm just here to help slow it down.



Whether you're looking to do a family or newborn session, I look to capture every authentic, meaningful moment. If you're looking for the "smile at the camera"portrait shots, I may not be the right fit. I want the goofy, quirky, shy, sappy, intimately beautiful moments that you can share forever.

Family Sessions from me will always be made from a photojournalistic approach. I want to document you and your loved ones at this exact moment in life. This means I'll probably be rolling around on the floor while you make a lego house with your kid, in the kitchen snapping that moment your kid boops your nose with cupcake mix, outside having a snow fight, or maybe teaching them how to plant a garden in your backyard. I could give you a million examples-but all in all, my job with you will be to capture a day in the life of YOU-whatever that may be!

Newborn Sessions are the same! I remember the countless times I wish there had been someone there to freeze those rare moments where I was just so in awe of having a beautiful creation cozied up in my arms (such a photographers demise). I want to document those beautiful fleeting  moments up close and personal. Trust me-they FLY by!



This is a perfect lil' shoot for families just looking to get some great photos in a short time frame. Perfect for Christmas cards, milestones, birthdays, etc!

  • 30 minutes of coverage

  • 1 location

  • 25 edited high res JPEG images

  • downloadable online gallery



My most popular family package right here! I get the time to get to know you and your amazing family, do tons of fun activities with you all, and capture all the special moments in between. Looking to get a rad addition to your family album? This is the one.

3 hours of coverage

2 locations

60 edited high res JPEG images

downloadable online gallery



I LIVE for these shoots! I get to spend a whole day with you and your loved ones, capturing every. single. amazing. moment. Whatever a family day looks like to you-I follow you-I document it all.

8 hours of coverage

unlimited locations

200 edited high res JPEG images

downloadable online gallery




The Newborn Session

The newborn session comes as one package.

I've got this down to a science, and I definitely believe there needs to be a certain amount of time allocated to spend capturing everything you want. This session is completely moment-driven and intended to document every beautiful minute with your beautiful new addition.

  • 2 hours of coverage

  • 50 edited high resolution jpeg images

  • 1 location

  • downloadable online photo gallery