Story Time:

When I was 8 months pregnant with our daughter, Mazzy, I was in no way a "glowing", beautiful, ecstatic mommy to be. I was hoping to just get this whole pregnancy thing OVER WITH. I was in no way looking to get maternity photos-I didn't feel comfortable in my own skin-I just wanted my old body back already! 

Well, my loving boyfriend had other plans. He also saw me as that glowing, beautiful, pregnant women...thank god! He woke me up one day at 7AM and told me to get the heck up, put on a dress, put on some makeup and smile. Yep. He surprised (AND FORCED) me to do a maternity shoot. To this day, I cannot thank him enough for pushing me to do it. Now, being out of the woods, having my body back, seeing these photos, I love seeing myself pregnant. Those photos never fail to make me smile. 

So whether you're the mama to be that absolutely loves being pregnant or you're the pregnant woman who ain't about it-there's something to be said for how monumental that time in your life is. That's why I love doing maternity sessions! They're so special, so timeless, above all, just a beautiful experience. 



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