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As much as I love being informal-it feels a little strange to write about myself as means for you to get to know me! My passion definitely lies in the creativity I'm allowed to explore but really it starts with having a raw connection with each person I work with. I've been living the photographer life full time for about 4 years now.  Being allowed to sculpt each client I so gratefully get to capture has filled my life with and abundance of passion to create and keep creating. It's an obsession. Whether that be by running through the mountains, touching the dirt and capturing some quiet moments with you and your boo all the way to third-wheeling it at your dream wedding...I want to be there to make those special moments into something editorial, cinematic and above all unique to YOU.   



Aside from attending weddings and shooting with couples, my free time is spent getting out in the sun,  roadtripping as much as possible, hiking (never without a film camera in hand), developing film at home, playing guitar and piano, lots of yoga and pilates, and my absolute favorite, cooking. My friends would probably label me as the ADHD riddled friend who has a new hobby with each time we talk. I love learning new things, listening to new music, getting to know people, learn new recipes, etc. The world fulfills me the most when I'm tinkering with something I haven't picked up before.


Above everything I love spending time with my little bear, Mazzy. I love getting to show her the world through my eyes. We spend most of our time going on little adventures, taking photos, swimming, baking together, or watching an unhealthy amount of Bluey. 


I've moved around my entire life. I was raised in a small town in Upstate New York near Albany until I was 6 and moved to Florida. I'd  spend the rest of my adolescent life exploring the Sunshine State but always knowing  it wasn't where I wanted to stay. A week before my 18th birthday, I up and moved to San Francisco on a whim. No friends or family out here to speak of. Legitimately just a suitcase, my beat up Toyota Civic I then called the Silver Bullet and a lot of hopes and dreams of making it in California. That was 11 years ago and I never left the bay since.



I guess you could say that taking photos of people in love was something that naturally fell into my lap. Once I had my first session with a couple-it was like something immediately clicked. I loved every part of the process-from directing and shooting to editing. All of it filled a part of my love for photography with passion that wasn't there before. Getting to capture real, raw emotions & moments in any capacity made me just generally giddy about my job. I didn't ever feel like I was working and still to this day don't because of how much fun I have doing my job. At the end of the day, my passion comes from getting to know my couples, finding what truly makes them unique, and capturing it in a way that I haven't done before. And after I press send on the initial gallery email-all I want is for you two to not only love your photos, but come out of this experience even more obsessed with each other than before

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