Leaves Shadow

meet your new best friend through a lens

Hello Lovelies! My name's Shayna. I am a freelance couple, elopement, wedding,  maternity, and lifestyle photographer based out of Marin, California. 

I was born and raised in Schenectady, New York until I was 6, when I moved to Sarasota, Florida. I spent the rest of my adolescence exploring the sunshine state, never without a camera in hand. I'd constantly be dragging my friends out to abandoned houses, large cow fields, or just about anywhere that seemed secluded and woodsy to shoot and make them my models. Photography in every form was always my favorite hobby, but I never imaged it'd blossom into a career.

I'd like to say I live for some super crazy hobbies like kayaking,  or mountain climbing, or skydiving, but if I'm being honest, I'm my happiest most thriving, vibrant self when I am behind my camera-wherever I may be. Every single couple, family, and gathering of people that I get to capture is my absolute MUSE , and my whole existence wouldn't really be complete without my real life models. With that said, I live to capture your most epic moments. That's my passion. I believe that no matter what stretch of life you come from, that you deserve to be perceived in an epic, undeniably authentic yet cinematic way-like a still from a film..and that my new friend(s) is what I'm here to capture. With that, I'm constantly looking to grow and experience new and exciting things. One day I hope to reside in a little converted skoolie with my daughter and hubby, traveling the world and capturing intimate elopements. 

This life is about creating memorable,  unique, intimate experiences. I think I was put here to capture that.


Chances are we'll probably get along if you:

  • have to modify the amount of exclamation points you use in a text/email

  • love 30 rock, the office, parks and rec, and community

  • Live for home decor pinterest boards

  • watch the bachelor shamelessly (and got your significant other hooked)

  • could eat a whole pint of ice cream to yourself

  • have no experience with plants but have an obsession with buying plant babies

  • wish your life was narrated like a wes anderson movie

  • love eco-friendly, sustainable products & life hacks

  • Live in Yoga pants and sweatshirts

  • Amy winehouse is life

  • this is us - do i even have to say anything else?

  • love all animals

  • have an obsession with thrift shopping

  • can never keep your house perfectly clean...no just me?

  • japanese + Mediterranian food = life

  • can recite every word from colt 45, bohemian rhapsody, and baby i got your money

  • want all the trader joe's best food secrets  (please ask me - i'll tell all)

  • wish you could live cozied up in a cabin in the mountains 

  • James taylor, neil young, and joni mitchell speak to your soul

  • live for the peanut butter baby video

  • scour the fridge for shredded cheese at 12 at night...oh just me too?

  • love love love your significant other (aka honey bunny)