Image by The Creative Exchange


Look, we can all attest to how crucial it is to find the right photographer- especially when you're spending top dollar to put all of your trust into someone who you hope is going to do it right! And trust me, as a photographer, I am here to help..


I want to make sure that you get everything you imagined your session/wedding and photos to be and then some. It's so important to find the right photographer for you, no matter what the session entails.


With that said, if you're looking for  those still, awkward JC Penny poses, or simple "smile at the camera" shots, I may not be the right fit. Let's be honest- who ideally wants that anyways? I want to take photos that are capture you and your loved one(s)  in a way that is doubtlessly and authentically YOU- and I want to do it in a setting that makes you feel comfortable and besides yourself HAPPY! Whatever it is that you are- quirky, goofy, laidback, loud, quiet- I want to capture that essence that makes you feel like you're looking at photos that define you in the best way.


Do you have any questions or requirements? Let me know! I'm more than happy to accommodate you in getting the best experience when you shoot with me. If you like my style and think we'd make a good fit, please shoot me an email so we can get started on creating something awesome that you will enjoy the rest of your life!

alright, lets get to the nitty gritty