your love story

my experience.


My commitment to you

Alright, before I dive in, I want to make one thing crystal clear. My commitment to you-not as a client, but as someone who is trusting me with capturing one of the most important days of your life, is to make sure I document each and every special moment of it. When you decide to work with me, I want you to feel like the biggest weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Is planning and executing a wedding stressful? Uh...yes! I am here for you and your boo thang through it ALL. I promise you. I'll be the one holding your wedding dress when you need help walking down the stairs. I'll be the one making you dance your nerves out post-walking down the aisle. I'll be the one to tell you you have a smudge of mascara on your face and be right behind you with a tissue to wipe it off. These are all examples, and I'm sure you'll have your favorite people around you doing the same for you, but my commitment, and my job will be to ensure your day is unforgettable-not just in images, but in experience. When you work with me, I'm not just your vendor, and you're not just my client. I am your friend. I'm here to make your feel calm, comfortable, excited, and above all, besides yourself  HAPPY.



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Photojournalistic + Illustrative + Cinematic

I want to document every feel and every meaningful moment no matter how big or small while capturing the most artistic version of it. 

You should be able to look back at your photos-whether it's days, weeks, years,  even decades later- and still feel like you can remember that moment and feeling.

Retaining those memories is priceless. It's my absolute honor to be trusted in preserving each amazing, crazy, beautiful moment while making it look like something out of an epic blockbuster love story.

Think we might be a good match?

Whew! The wheels are in motion and I'm one step closer to being your fav third wheel while you tie the knot! Can't wait to chat with you & your boo.