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start at $3,400

Whether we're running through a rainstorm, screaming your vows from the mountain tops or cozied in your hometown chapel - I want to capture all the pure love you'll be feeling on your wedding day.



$800 (travel costs included within SF Bay Area)

Possibly my favorite type of session to shoot- I'll help you plan everything from what to wear, to scouting your dream secret location, to directing you on what to do in front of the camera....I GOTCHU. Let's make some freaking "still-from-a-film" looking magic together.


$800 (travel costs included within SF Bay Area)

As a mama bear myself, when I did my maternity session, I didn't realize how thankful I'd be years later that I just did it despite wanting to crawl in a hole and hibernate til it was due date. I absolutely love these sessions and they fill my heart with so so much joy.



$800 (travel costs included within SF Bay Area)

I cannot explain the gravity of how beautiful and eye opening it is to be apart of these sessions. Being apart of the process that will make you feel beautiful and comfortable in your skin is such an absolute honor. Whether you do a boudoir session for yourself or for your significant other- I 100% guarantee you will come out of this experience loving your body that much more (and so will your boo).


$800 (travel costs included within SF Bay Area)

To be honest-when one of my friends is going through a breakup or having a rough patch, my first inclination is to whip out my camera and remind them why they're still the boss b*tch I know them to be. When I had my self love session with, I was completely elated and inspired. It changed me as a person and from that experience made me realize how much I'd love to make people feel the way I felt that day and when I got my gallery back. This is truly one of my favorite types of sessions to shoot and one that will completely rejuvenate the connection you have with yourself.

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