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Updated: Aug 6, 2022

For months and months, I've been sitting on my hands, anxious to find out when I'd actually get back to doing what I love. There's only so much you can work on in the background, so when I tell you I JUMPED when Mallory reached out spontaneously to have me shoot her wedding a week from when we first talked, I was beyond excited.

Their wedding was covid safe and super intimate. Only with close family members present, but it was filled with so many beautiful, emotional moments. I cry at basically every wedding I attend (I'm a softy), but this particular wedding had me so in the feels, I had to re-apply my makeup quite a few times. Thank god I had a mask on because I'm definitely an ugly crier.

Congratulations to these two beautiful people! I'm so grateful I was able to kick off this year of wedding photography with such a special, enigmatic couple.

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